Monnapula Monamodi

Position: Attorney
Expertise: Property law
Cell: 076 494 1152
Monnapula joined DVH (Cape) in September 2021 as a Candidate Attorney after obtaining both his B Comm LL. B degrees from the North-West University Potchefstroom Campus and after receiving a bursary from DVH(CAPE) for the completion of his studies in 2020/21. He enjoys contractual matters (including commercial litigation), research and providing competent legal advice to clients. He is also keen to branch into conveyancing, construction law, and developments in the near future. He keeps abreast with current affairs and hopes to use his commercial and legal expertise to provide solutions to global issues in the future. In his spare time, Monnapula is a competitive ballroom and Latin American dancer, who volunteers in civil-society organizations, and he is actively involved in the leadership and administration of Dance Sport in South Africa and hopes to contribute towards the development of Sports Law in RSA.