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What is Mediation?

The process by which a trained and independent professional assists parties to a dispute to amicably resolve such dispute without having to get involved in expensive and drawn-out litigation.

Can a Mediation agreement be enforced against the other party?

The Settlement Agreement can be made an Order of Court and even if the settlement agreement has not been made a Court Order any of the parties can still claim based on the breach of the settlement agreement.

Why Mediate?
  • Mediation is generally cheaper and faster than litigation;
  • You get a unique (out of the box) solution to the dispute;
  • You can choose the mediator;
  • Mediation preserves relationships (family and business);
  • The focus is on what is best for all the parties involved (not a winner-takes-it-all-approach)
  • Mediation is a simple process and therefore you do not need to be represented by an attorney;
  • You determine the terms of the settlement as opposed to a court issuing the parties with an order;
  • Mediation is confidential and done without any prejudice to any of your rights; and
  • Should the mediation process be unsuccessful, parties may still proceed to have a court decide the dispute but benefit from the mediation narrowing the dispute
    and thus will spend less time in court, resulting in a smaller legal bill.
Why Choose DvH?

We have a dedicated mediator, who is also an admitted attorney of the High Court, with years of experience in negotiating settlement agreements. JD Robertson holds an LLB degree, obtained cum laude, from the University of Pretoria. He trained as mediator with the University of Cape Town. Dykes van Heerden’s 25-year reputation as leader
in the legal industry coupled with JD’s skill and training will ensure that you only receive the best mediation service from us.

Your service is high standard, with much care and understanding of both your clients. Keep up good work.


I loved this service. It was the best I have received in a while.

Solomon Mashaba

Your team is extremely professional, thumbs up!

Khanyisile Masinga

What I found to be the most excellent service was that the papers were signed at another venue, convenient to the client, it was done on time, professionally, a total seamless process with no delays - reminders were sent when I did not respond - a pleasant journey to follow and much appreciated!

Monika McNab

Wendy, Ronel and Tayna are Super Hero's of the good type. LOL. They exceeded our expectations and concluded a bond transfer in less that a month. As smooth and efficient as you can get . . .Awesomeness.

Wayne Aysen

Exceptional Service. Could not ask for more. Thank you.

Nompumelelo Mhlongo

Very professional experienced staff. Thank you

Alta Harvey

Just keep up the winning formula. Nothing is comforting than being informed all the steps of the way. It gives a piece mind

Kalani Ndlovu

Madeleine Coetzee's communication, responsiveness and professionalism is a great asset to Dykes

Cornell Amorim

I would like to thank the team at Dykes van Heerden for being professional and extremely efficient.

Claudette Slabbert

It has been a great experience doing business with Dykes van Heerden.

Sue Christopoulos

I loved the fact the team come to you to sign. As soon as papers were ready, an appointment was made and we signed the next day.  Very prompt. Great support with initial buying issues too.

Jeni Mower

just want to thank you for your excellent service

Clarissa McGuinness

I think you guys did a wonderful job. I was always up to date with what was happening. I did not even have to ask questions. I love the fact that you even advised me when not to pay levies or rates and taxes anymore. That saved a lot of problems with the City of JHB. I really never had this experience before. I experienced two transfers before, but not like this. This was the BEST!

Beatrice de Munnik

It is a pleasure dealing with your firm and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Ferial's service at least an 11!

Regina Linder

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