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Thank you for all the trouble that you went to putting on the event yesterday I really appreciated it. First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to Louis for giving such a huge amount of information about Fraud it was a lot to digest all in one go, but it taught us if in doubt call Dykes. I would also like to thank Louis for my bottle of wine for being the oldest estate agent there, I not sure if that Is something to proud of !!!I must say that I am also very grateful to Trevor Courtney to have faith in me to allow me to carry on in his office at my age, possibly while I keep myself updated with the CPD and everything else that the EAAB want us to do, and of course keep selling, hopefully he will allow me to carry on. One other thank you is to Louie and Dykes for the pizza and wine which was just great, what a lovely atmosphere there was with agents chatting to one another and exchanging cards it was terrific. Again thank you to Dykes and Louis for all the incredible training that they give to us, and please let Louis know personally how grateful I am.

Kind regards Jeanette Budden of ReMax’

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